FrostByte Web

With FrostByte Web you can work with your FrostByte from your pc or tablet and even share data with others on your network, if you like.

Connect your pc or tablet to the FrostByte device:

Choose FrostByte Web from the start menu

  • Open in Chrome, FireFox, Safari or whichever browser you prefer.
  • Enter your IP which are the numbers in the red rectangle above right, into the prompt as shown below here.
  • Be careful to enter them excactly as the are on your phone, including the dots.
  • Click “Connect”

Now your devices are connected and your can control your data from your pc.

Good to know:

Leaving the “FrostByte Web server running” page stops the server and disconnects your device.
Your devices MUST be on the same network (WI-FI) to be able to connect.
Do not use FrostByte Web on open networks.
You can connect from Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer on Windows, Mac or Linux.
Everything is saved to FrostByte on your connected device and not in the browser.

And off you go 🙂