Getting started



FrostByte needs food type information which is used to create new freezer items. This type information makes it easy to define how long something can stay in the freezer, and categorizes the freezer items so they are easy to find again. To help FrostByte comes pre-configured with some standard household type information, but of course this can be extended and modified.

To access the configuration information open the configuration page by clicking ‘Configuration’ from the main menu.


Operations on this page:

  • Press the (+) to create a new storage, unit, group or subgroup types
  • Long press type items to edit and update
  • Swipe types items to delete
  • There are no limits to how many of each type you can create
  • Data is private and is not shared in any way

With the types configured now start creating freezer items in FrostByte

Create an item

Click (+) from the front page to get to ‘Create Item’


  • Create the freezer item by configuring the date of entry, the type, and number of items
  • Confirm the data you have entered, then Save
  • FrostByte will now display the freezer item ID number, just write the number of the side of the item
  • Do not close the dialogue before you have written the number on your new item
  • We suggest that for best results use a permanent marker and write on a piece of feeezer tape

Tip of the day: Please note the button ‘Number of items’. This is where you select the number of new items you wish to create without having to repeat this proces. This is useful if you want to create 5 items in one go and FrostByte will display 5 numbers to write on the new items.

Example: You have just bought 3 loaves of bread and you want to check them in, one loaf per bag:

  • Type : Bakery
  • Subtype : Bread
  • Quantity :1
  • Unit : bag
  • Storage : Somewhere
  • Number of items : 3

FrostByte will display 3 new numbers to use on the new items.

That’s it. The items are now available in FrostByte